About Us

Veekay Impex is one of the leading supplier of caster wheels, platform trolleys and allied products in India.

The main objective of VEEKAY is not just selling caster wheels and allied products but it is to cater to the specific needs of each and every Industry. VEEKAY aims at marketing caster wheels “application wise” , that is, to provide solutions to every end user like Hospital, Medical Lab, Automobile Industry, Manufacturer of Display Units, Bakery, Foundry, Construction Industry, Cargo Handling, Airport & Shopping Trolleys, Textile Industry and various other Industrial, Institutional & Material Handling applications. Our technical and marketing team has done an in depth study of caster wheels required by various industries and caster wheels used in different fields.

We at VEEKAY are committed to timely supply of goods and services to our esteemed customers. Our technical team is constantly working towards developing new, innovative, customized and application based solutions for our customers keeping in mind the current industrial growth around the globe. Our marketing team understands the nuances of the each industry and will assist in selection of the appropriate product. The focus is on the end users (i.e.) our esteemed customers, and their satisfaction is of prime importance. The high quality ensures longer durability of our products and greater satisfaction to our esteemed customers.